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Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. News for 2005

Last Updated: 12 May 2015
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What's New at Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. - 2005


November 9-11, 2005

Attended the Sleeter Group QuickBooks Consultant's Seminar as Gold Sponsors.  The Sleeter Group provides QuickBooks resources for accountants, bookkeepers, QuickBooks consultants, CPA's, QuickBooks Software Developers, and small business owners.  Read the article that was published in the June, 2005 issue of the Desktop Accountant in our  folder Press Releases & Articles section.



October 31, 2005

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2006 and/or Enterprise Solutions 6.0 compatibility updates are available for existing customers covered under an Annual Maintenance plan.  New customers will automatically receive this compatibility update when they purchase their software.

QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2006 and Enterprise 6.0 begins shipping today.

Certified Payroll Solution is now compliant with the electronic filing requirements of LCPtracker, in addition to TRS Consultants, Inc.



April, 2005

Program Enhancements/Updates Released

Certified Payroll Solution enhancements include:

  • Two new state specific EEOC Reports for Connecticut and the Illinois Department of Transportation.
  • Rhode Island forms are currently being beta tested and are receiving favorable reviews.
  • New form for the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management is in beta testing.

Construction Application for Payment Solution enhancements include:

  • Ability to create a Negative and/or Credit Application for Payment. 
  • Perform adjustments to accommodate rounding errorss that can occur.
  • Contract Document Manager now can complete AIA G-706, G-706A, G-707, and G-707A forms that you purchase and feed into your printer.

February 7, 2005

Initial launch of Wage Manager Solution; a payroll wage management tool designed for all businesses to help payroll administrators when there is a company wide pay rate increase, the need to create new payroll items that will be used for multiple employees, or it becomes necessary to remove obsolete payroll items from multiple employee records.

A complimentary license for Wage Manager is included with Certified Payroll Solution, and may be accessed from within the CPS program from the "Run" menu.

In addition to the release of Wage Manager Solution, we have revamped the entire site and included addition technical documentation and resources to our On-Line Support Page.



January, 2005

January 25, 2005:

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. today, announced that the final development process for their newest product Wage Manager Solution is in the final stages of beta testing, with a proposed final release date of February 16, 2005.  Wage Manager Solution will share Employee and Payroll Wage Item - including pay rates; with Intuit's QuickBooks software products - including QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions.

January 14, 2005:

Sunburst Software Sollutions, Inc. became a member of the Microsoft® Empower program to become a Microsoft Certified Partner

January 7, 2005:
Certified Payroll Solution Enhancement Update - this enhancement update covers several of our most often customer requests.

Wage Manager Solution is released in Beta to all existing CPS customers, and all initial feedback has been positive.