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4-18-2012 New York Certified Payroll Update

Last Updated: 24 February 2013
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4/18/2012 New York Certified Payroll Update - adds two new certified payroll reporting forms.

An update for New York has been released and includes 2 new paper reports for the New York State Department of Transportation and the MTA/NYC Transit 2006-2014 Capital Program PLUS electronic filing requirements for the New York DOT Equitable Business Opportunity (EBO) system.

Based on customer request, we've added the paper certified payroll reports for the  pdf  New York Department. of Transportation and the  pdf  MTA/NYC Transit 2006-2014 Capital Program plus the ability to create an electronic certified payroll report file that is compatible with the Department of Transportation's Equitable Business Opportunity (EBO) system.

Current customers will want to download and install CPS version 5.0.526 (or the next higher version), which is currently a BETA version, AND also update the New York State Forms - to obtain the update please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Backup your Certified Payroll Solution Data (don't know how to make a backup - read this  pdf  article or watch this  video  video ).
  2. Close/Exit QuickBooks
  3. From the Certified Payroll Solution Help menu -> choose Check for Updates -> if this is a Windows Vista or 7 computer enter the Administrator password for this computer -> in the Select an Update drop down menu select Version 5.0.526 (or the next higher version) -> click the Download and Install button (opens a new window) -> click the Download and Install button again. 
  4. When the program update is installed, from the Select an Update drop down menu -> this time choose the State of New York forms -> click the Download and Install button (opens a new window) -> click the Download and Install button again.
  5. Exit the program after the new forms are installed (if it doesn't close automatically).
  6. Download and follow these pdf  written instructions or watch this video  video   to learn how to setup CPS to create the electronic file that you can upload to the EBO system.


NOTE:  A BETA version is a version that we have tested and has been used to document any necessary changes within the program that must be implemented in order for the new feature or form to be generated correctly.