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Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Background & Experience

Last Updated: 09 February 2013
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About Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.Nancy Smyth, President of Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc., has utilized Intuit products in a variety of industries since 1986, specializing in the construction industry, and has been a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 1999.

Providing bookkeeping services for several small union and Non-Union construction firms, Nancy knew QuickBooks was a great tool to be used, not only for herself, but also by the small business owner.  While completing a job-costed payroll for 10 employees, or a progress invoice within QuickBooks was a fast and efficient process, completing the required Certified Payroll Reports and AIA billings would take hours to complete.  Distaste for these tedious tasks led to a lengthy search, beginning in 1996, for someone to extract this information from QuickBooks and assemble the forms, ready to be signed and submitted.

In August 2000, a method was found for retrieving QuickBooks® information through the use of the OfficeQ Pro product developed by DataBlox, Inc. Ben Smyth, a Software Engineer with an accounting background, who had written software programs since 1980 for use in Municipal, Retail, Restaurant, Web Services, GPS/Imaging, and the Travel Industries (many involving complex payroll products for use in the Commercial and Municipal arenas), was willing to embark on this project and Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. was born in Lakeside, MT.

Already familiar with Federal Prevailing Wage Laws, and Connecticut and Massachusetts Specific Prevailing Wage mandates, research to make Certified Payroll Solution was released, and has since grown to include various EEOC/Work Utilization Reports, provides the ability to "electronically file" certified payroll reports, and includes a highly flexible Benefit Report that can be used to report Union Fringe Benefit or "bona fide" plan contributions.

In August 2001, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. became a Premier Member of the Intuit Developer Network, during its initial launch, knowing that the Software Development Kit (SDK) offered by Intuit would provide a more direct and, therefore, sanctioned means of accessing QuickBooks data.  They retain their Premier Status to date.

After determining a market to automate AIA billings from Estimates and Progress Invoices created in QuickBooks®, Construction Application for Payment Solution was initially released in January 2002, with the official launch of the Intuit Developer Network and the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace.

Certified Payroll Solution was rewritten in January 2003, when the Intuit Software Development Kit was updated to include access to Payroll information for Sunburst's 2003 product line. 

In December 2004, Sunburst became a Microsoft Registered Partner and is in the process of becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Development of Wage Manager Solution, began in mid-December 2004 and was released in February 2005.  Wage Manager will allow business owners, payroll administrators and ProAdvisors/CPA's to work with payroll wage items for multiple employees simultaneously.

Crew/Overtime Entry Solution was released in September 2009; this program helps business owners and payroll administrators deal with the complexities of Overtime and Weighted-Average Overtime laws - keeping users in compliance.

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. maintained their Premier Member status in the Intuit Developer Network until September 2006.  At this time, Sunburst became one of the first 10 Developers to achieve "Gold Developer" status through rigorous testing of their software programs by an independent 3rd party software testing company hired by Intuit, passed a "customer satisfaction survey", provided customer case studies, and submitted each of their programs for an independent ProAdvisor Review.  In fact, according to Shannon Adkins, Senior Manager, Developer Engagement & Customer Marketing of the Intuit Developer Network, the "results of Sunburst's customer satisfaction survey were higher than that of Harley-Davidson or Ford Motor Company."

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is committed to bringing high-end functionality at a reasonable price to the small to mid-sized, growing construction contractor.  As of December 09, 2011, nearly 7,000 construction companies have purchased software from Sunburst; with 80% of them purchasing a moderately priced Annual Maintenance contract, which provides compatibility and/or conversion updates for the latest releases of the QuickBooks® product line, as well as, user requested enhancements, and new forms as they become available.

All of Sunburst's products have been designed to specifically meet the needs of QuickBooks® users in the construction industry.  Sunburst Software Solutions' philosophy is that QuickBooks, when properly setup and used, will provide the backbone of the information for the final reports and billings.  Sunburst will utilize that information on a read-only basis, and missing information will be held in "linked records" within a Sunburst program.  The information from both programs will then be merged together to produce the final reports and billings---leaving the user with the final tasks of signing and mailing the documents.