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AIA Billing Best Practices

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AND Resolving Common User Errors When Using Construction Application for Payment Solution

Common QuickBooks user errors not only compromise the integrity of your billing history in Construction Application for Payment Solution; but do not leave a visible documented history of the projects progress in QuickBooks.  This article will teach you best practices when generating your AIA Bills.

Common errors include:

  • Deleting lines from the QuickBooks Estimate after issuing one or more progress invoices/draws whether that line has been billed or not.
  • Changing the structure of the QuickBooks Estimate after issuing one or more progress invoices/draws - this includes moving or rearranging the way the line items appear on the Estimate whether or not those line items have billing history.
  • Inserting multiple lines into the existing QuickBooks Estimate using the same QuickBooks Item repeatedly.
  • Handling Change Order in a manner that no one can really track the changes without consulting the original paperwork - this includes simply changing dollar amounts on the Estimate.

Download the complete 25 page article in PDF format, by pdf click here .


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