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AIA® Style Billing for QuickBooks - References & Reviews

Last Updated: 30 March 2020
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Construction Application for Payment Solution - AIA® Style Percentage of Completion Contract Billing Software for QuickBooks - User Comments & Reviews

 Best, Inexpensive AIA Billing Solution with Excellent Customer ServiceGreat program backed by even greater people!

 Great program backed by even greater people!

[1/22/04]  I started using CAPS in about March 2003.  Setup of the program was clearly detailed in the included instructions.  Even so, I stumbled a little in the setup but found the vendor more than capable and willing to get me through the setup.  Once that was completed and I made a few minor changes in how I prepare invoices in QuickBooks, the two programs seem to get along quite well.  I can now prepare professional looking G-702 & G-703® style documents using plain paper in a very short amount of time, and CAPS and QuickBooks keep track of previously billed quantities making the preparation of next month's billing a breeze.  One added benefit, is the quantity of QuickBooks setup information that is included in the CAPS HELP menu...following some of the suggestions found there have made my AR reporting much more complete and easier to understand.  All in all, if you use QuickBooks and need to generate more than one Pay application per month, this program is well worth the investment.

Gary Smith
Compass Building Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX
CAPS User since March 2003;  CPS User since March 2004

5star  Best, Inexpensive AIA® Billing Solution with Excellent Customer Service

[1/25/03]  Words cannot express how much Sunburst Software has made my life easier.  I researched other construction accounting software packages that cost as much as $7,000.00.  I purchased QuickBooks Premier 2002 along with Sunburst Software's CAP's billing program.  The marriage of the two is the best solution to construction accounting needs.  My cost, total, was less than $600.00.  That is a savings of over $6,400.00.  A small price to pay for such a robust package.  With the click of a mouse, your progress invoice is brought into CAPS with all the appropriate items, percentages, retainage, and stored materials, all appropriately billed.  What used to take me an hour with a spreadsheet, now only takes me 2 minutes.  Thank you Sunburst!!!

Peter Adams, Accountant
Campbell Construction Group, Beverly, MA
CAPS & CPS User since August 2002

4.5star  Time Saver

[8/29/02]  The Construction Application for Payment Solutions has been a real time saver for my company.  Prior to the software, we would have to manually calculate all applications for payment and then hand type them.  With the Software, I just have to put in the % of completion for each line item and it automatically calculates my draw request, even retainage, and everything is integrated with my QuickBooks program.  It performs what other, much more expensive programs do, and it works with your QuickBooks.  I do not know how I managed without it.

Linda O'Connor
General Coatings, San Antonio, TX
CAPS User since June 2002; CPS User since August 2007

5star  Contractor's Solution

[7/23/02]  After receiving Construction Application for Payment Solution software, I was very impressed to see that the program was very user friendly.  It was exactly what I need to process the AIA forms for my company.  We are a General Contractor, as well as, a Developer, so this software was very useful in all aspects of our business.  It works extremely well with QuickBooks, and it makes my job so much easier.  The forms are very clean and clear and easy to read.  I just have them signed and notarized and sent to the bank.  It's just that easy!  The software was a great asset to the QuickBooks program in that it helped me to set up my construction companies (we have 7 companies), and answered all my questions that were not available in the QuickBooks help guides.  QuickBooks is very general in their fields of business and my needs were more specific to the construction industry, so the Sunburst program helped me in many ways that I found QuickBooks didn't.  The staff at Sunburst should also be commended.  They are always ready to help in any way I need it, answered all my questions, and even had suggestions on how to improve my program.  I cannot say enough good things about this company, their software programs, and the people.  I would highly recommend this software to anyone who is in the construction industry and has a need for the AIA forms and/ or Certified Payroll. 

Jill Corrado
The Old South Co. of Destin, Destin, FL
CAPS User April 2002 through 2005