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Important Announcements:
Please note: Our software products ONLY work with QuickBooks DESKTOP. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUICKBOOKS ONLINE or QUICKBOOKS MAC.

8/18/23 - The software that our website is built on underwent a major upgrade this week.  As with many upgrades, things break!  We're working diligently to correct the problems, but this is a HUGE website with almost 23 years of information.  We appreciate your patience.  

Construction Application for Payment Solution Computer Requirements

Last Updated: 20 February 2024
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Technical Specifications & System Requirements

Intuit QuickBooks Gold Developer since 2006

Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) successfully passed all requirements of the QuickBooks Technical Review process for Intuit Developer Network members, this allows us to display the QuickBooks Gold Developer logo to the right on our website.  The Technical Review is administered by several different independent third parties, hired by Intuit,  and consists of over 30 test cases designed to verify the high quality of these products:

  • Install/Uninstall process
  • Basic functionality
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Security


computer and software requirementsSystem (Computer) and Software Requirements

If you can run a currently supported Windows® desktop version of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) then you can run our software, it's as simple as that!

Please allow for the following additional requirements:

  • 200 MB of disk space for our software and data
  • Microsoft Word and Excel 365 (32 or 64-bit versions) with the latest Service Pack applied.  Office Click-to-Run and Office 365 web-based versions will need to be converted to desktop (locally installed) versions.
  • Currently supported version of Microsoft Windows [10 or 11]