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Important Announcements:
Please note: Our software products ONLY work with QuickBooks DESKTOP. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUICKBOOKS ONLINE or QUICKBOOKS MAC.

8/18/23 - The software that our website is built on underwent a major upgrade this week.  As with many upgrades, things break!  We're working diligently to correct the problems, but this is a HUGE website with almost 23 years of information.  We appreciate your patience.  

IMPORTANT! Problems with QuickBooks 2022 - Don't Upgrade

Last Updated: 22 October 2021
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Do not update/upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 yet.  There are bugs that prevent our software from working.

10/22/21 - the issues have been resolved by Intuit, but there are specific things that you must do - find the instructions here - Resolution for problems with initial QuickBooks 2022 release



While I won't bore you with all the technical jargon & details, we do want to inform you that there are issues/problems/bugs in QuickBooks Pro 2022, Premier 2022 and Enterprise 22 that prevent our software from retrieving time from weekly time sheets as well as from customer, job, and employee information.

These bugs will prevent ALL of our software from working (Certified Payroll Solution - CPS, Construction Application for Payment Solution - CAPS, and Crew Overtime Entry - COES).

We have reported the issues to Intuit Developer Support and are awaiting a response from them regarding an estimated time frame for the problems to be fixed on their end.

Please be advised that WE CANNOT resolve the problems until Intuit fixes the issues within QuickBooks.

We will keep you updated as we find out more.

(NOTE:  This is one of the reasons that we never recommend updating to the newest version of QuickBooks - there is never any warning when something breaks.)