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California - Audit Friendly, LCPtracker, DIR setup

Last Updated: 23 January 2024
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This help document is a great setup guide for anyone who is also needing to upload certified payroll information to LCPtracker, Prism, California DIR, or who wish to utilize the Audit Friendly Report in California and need to report the hourly fringe benefit values of prevailing wage fringe benefits.

Setting up CPS to work with all the various electronic upload requirements of LCPtracker, Prism, California DIR where reporting the hourly rate of fringe benefits is required can be a daunting task.  

Sure in QuickBooks you may be tracking the hourly value of these items directly within employee paychecks, but when we retrieve the payroll information - all the Certified Payroll program is allowed to get from QuickBooks (it's an Intuit limitation) is the total contributions for the week - this causes quite the problem.

Many printed reports do not require you to report the hourly value of the different fringe benefits that you pay into the Union or into bona-fide plans on behalf of your employees - the Federal WH-347 form is a perfect example of this.....but as soon as you have to upload the certified payroll data into LCPtracker, Prism, California DIR, etc. well this is definitely a problem.

If you're in California, we suggest that you setup and use the Audit Friendly version of the DIR A-1-131 form which will show you not only the hourly value of the different fringes for each employee on each specific job -  but also the totals for the week so that you can be absolutely sure that everything is correct.

This hefty, 31-page help document covers it all:

  • Selecting the Audit Friendly form (if you're in California)
  • How to set things up if you're a Union Contractor and all fringes are paid to the Union Hall
  • How to set things up if you're a Union Contractor and have a taxable fringe benefit (like Vacation)
  • How to set things up if you're a Non-Union Contractor, pay the fringes into one or more bona-fide plans and the fringes are different for each employee
  • If you're a non-union contractor, pay the bulk of your fringes in cash to the employee as part of his/her hourly wage - but you still need to pay a training fringe to an Apprenticeship fund (like in California)
  • If you're a non-union contractor paying into several bona-fide pans, but there's still a CASH Fringe rate left to deal with and you also have to submit the Federal WH-347 form.

Download the this help document -  pdf CPS Setup for reporting hourly fringe benefits (5.09 MB)