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California DIR eCPR, PRISM, LCPtracker upload feature for QuickBooks

Last Updated: 22 July 2016
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There is a LOT going on in California regarding certified payroll reports, prevailing wage requirements and electronic certified payroll (eCPR) submissions.  Briefly, here is the lastest news regarding California DIR eCPR, City of San Diego and PRISM Compliance Management, and LCPtracker requirements and how they will impact your company if you use QuickBooks.

Electronic certified payroll (eCPR) reporting requirements and on-line Labor Compliance programs are becoming more and more popular nationwide.

California DIR eCPR

Upgrades tot he California DIR (Department of Industrial Relations) eCPR website have been in progress since earlier this year and has been operational in the meantime.  As of August 1, 2016 (according tot he latest DIR update) enforcement will resume for using the eCPR website - which means that contractors and subcontractors will be required to submit their certified payroll data electronically using the eCPR system.

City of San Diego and PRISM Compliance Management

The City of San Diego decided to "go their own way" and contracted with PRISM Compliance Management to handle their eCPR reporting requirements - instead of utilizing the DIR eCPR system.

Some projects are requiring contractors to submit electronic certified payrolls (eCPR's) using BOTH the California DIR eCPR and LCPtracker systems.

Talk about redundant!  But don't worry, we've got you covered!  When you create the linked job record in CPS (Certified Payroll Solution), on the form options tab, using the Electroni Upload type dropdown menu to select the "LCPtracker and CA eCPR XML file" option.  When you print the paper report for your files the program automatically creates BOTH upload files for you!

- - - - - - - - - -

Use the Certified Payroll Solution program - by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. to make it EASY (yes I said EASY) to comply with certified payroll reporting requirements and to create an XML or specially formatted Excel file to upload into the CA DIR eCPR, PRISM, LCPtracker, or 11 other Labor Compliance programs.  You can also print the completed form, create and email a .PDF file - using a PDF creation tool like CutePDF (, PDF Creator (, Pdf995 ( and many others.

Yes, of course you can still login to the CA DIR eCPR, PRISM, LCPtracker, or other compliance programs website and enter the information manually --- but it's an incredibly time consuming task - especially if you have a lot of projects and/or employees.  The DIR eCPR system does not save most of the information from week to week and does very little to calculate anything for you.

 Certified Payroll Solution, a QuickBooks add-on by Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. has been successfully creating:

  • the XML file that can be uploaded into the California Department of Industrial Relations eCPR website since June, 2015.  Existing customers have been utilizing the upload even while the DIR eCPR website has been going through the upgrade process without issues.
  • a custom Excel file to upload into the PRISM Labor Compliance System since September 2015
  • an custom Excel file to upload into the LCPtracker system since October, 2005
  • other custom Excel, .CSV, XML, TXT, etc. files to upload to other online eCPR compliance programs such as AASHTO, Elation Systems, Sandia Nation Laboratory, MyLCM, Texas DOT, New York DOT, Maryland DLLR, Alaska Department of Labor, etc.

If you or your clients uses QuickBooks, you need to be aware that there is no way for QuickBooks on it's own to produce the required eCPR upload files - there is simply too much missing information - and you should NOT have to manually enter all the weekly certified payroll information for each project/each week into the eCPR or any other compliance programs website.

In Certified Payroll Solution, simply select the California eCPR XML from the Electronic Upload type menu, enter the Contract Agency, Project ID, Awarding Authority and CPS will automatically create the XML file for you when you print a paper copy for yourself.  You then login to the eCPR website and select the option to Upload the XML file that was created.  No duplicare or manual data entry required!

 There are behind the scenes error checking that is done by all of the eCPR compliance programs after the upload is complete.  You can view or edit the data that was uploaded before you submit and and you can make corrects.

Let Certified Payroll Solution handle all the prevailing wage/certified payroll compliance requirements for you without a ton of extra work!  Unlike other programs, with Certified Payroll Solutions EVERYTHING starts in QuickBooks.  Enter employee time in the QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet and process your payroll as usual.  Start CPS, import employees, jobs, payroll wage and deduction items - creating linked records to hold additional information (you ONLY have to do this onece when the program finds something new_ and have all of  your paper and/or electronic filing compliance done in one fell swoop.

For more information, call 1-888-348-2877 or contact us via email.