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What type of support is offered for Construction Application for Payment Solution?

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Sunburst Software Solutions provides ALL of the support and training materials for their software via phone, fax, email, audio/video training and written support documentation.

By providing Audio/Video training you have the ability to have us right there, by your side, day or night.  It's as good as if we were sitting right there with you!

However, just to be clear, the terms Support and Training are often misused.

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. defines Technical Support as "Knowledgeable people assisting the users of our software products". Our software programs have been designed to be very user friendly and straightforward - requiring that you only enter information that QuickBooks is incapable of holding, and "teaching" the program about your company, and how you operate.

Therefore, our technical support services have been designed to help you solve a specific problem that you are having with a product - rather than providing training, customization, or other training services (such as, QuickBooks training, training new employees, or what is really considered to be IT Services/Computer Consulting) - so, the word "assisting" in this definition is extremely important.

  • If you call us and we have to "teach" you to use our software, "walk you" through setup, which has been documented in the "Training Demonstrations" or found in the manual/in-program Help, train new employees that you hire, or provide QuickBooks training - that is, indeed, considered training - and is billable to you.
  • If you call us and we help you with an error code or problem you have with our software, answer a specific question that you have about setup, or listen to your feedback about our software - that is considered "technical support".

Our Support Policy does include provisions for Free Support, Free Training, Paid Training, and Program Maintenance; and our staff leverages 70+ years of QuickBooks, bookkeeping, accounting, software development, and construction experience.



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