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I need to track more detail in QuickBooks than I want to show on the Continuation Sheet

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This is pretty easy to accomplish.  In your QuickBooks® Item List, create a "Group Item" and choose NOT to print the items within the group - this way, you see all the detail, but your customer will only see the general description showing the total of all the individual items that make up the group.  

See the following articles, from our blog:


Important Notes relating to Group Items:

  • If you use QuickBooks 2012/Enterprise 12.0 or OLDER, each Group Item can contain 19 individual items.
  • If you use QuickBooks 2013/Enterprise 13.0 - OR newer, each Group Item can contain 50 individual items.  Read QuickBooks 2013 - Group Item Limit Increase from our blog for more information.



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