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Print Applications/Retainage Error Messages

Last Updated: 08 February 2013
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Below are the most common errors or problems that you could encounter when attempting to Preview or Print your final AIA Billings or Retainage Applications.




No entries found to print.


Jobs need to be added before they can be printed.



Error loading job details [Error Description is shown].  Try deleting Job # [Job Name listed].


CAPS has encountered an error when loading this job, follow the instructions shown.


Invalid Copies (0-99), please enter copies as numberic.


Copies must be entered as 0-99.



Bill for [Job Name/Description] Invoice Date: mm/dd/yy is not the last bill.  Final Retainage cannot be included with this bill.


For final retainage to be included on an Application for Payment, the application must be the last one, and all amounts must be billed.



Run Time Error 91.


This error signifies that Microsoft Word and/or Excel, are not installed on this computer.



Run Time Error 53 - File Not Found.


This error signifies that CAPS cannot "find" the plain paper form template, that you selected.  This usually means, that you have changed the CAPS Data Path (located from the System Setup Menu, Data Locations), but have failed to move or copy, the contents of the original CAPS Data folder, to this new location.  There are 2 possible solutions:


A. Copy the data from the original folder to the new folder.  By default, CAPS installs the data folder in C:\Program Files\Cap\Data on XP & prior operating systems.  In Vista, CAPS installs the Data folder in your public folder, or your user Caps folder.


B.  Alternatively, change your "Data Path" in CAPS --> System Setup --> Data Locations to the folder containing your "Data" folder.  The defaults are listed above.



Error 80010105 Automation Error, also, may show as -2147417851.


This error occurs, when one is trying to print reports.  More specifically, CAPS is trying to start Microsoft Excel, or possible, Microsoft Word.


It is possible that your anti-virus program is causing this error by not letting CAPS start Excel or Word.  This error has been reported by a customer, using Kaspersky Anti-Virus.


To determine if your anti-virus program is causing this error:


  1. Stop all internet traffic.
  2. Disable your anti-virus program (usually right-clicking its icon in the system tray will display this option).
  3. Try printing your pay application.

If disabling your anti-virus enables you to print your payment applications, then you must add the programs listed below to "Trusted Processes".  Once you have added the programs to "Trusted Processes", your anti-virus can stay enabled, when running CAPS.


Add Cap.exe and CapCDM.exe to "Trusted Processes" - these files are located in your CAPS Program Path.  If you do not know what your CAPS Program Path is, from the CAPS Help Menu, choose Help, then About.


If disabling your anti-virus program does not correct this error, follow these steps:


  1. In Microsoft Excel or Word, select the Help Menu->choose Detect & Repair.  Follow the prompts for repairing the installation.  This process may ask for your original Office installation CD's.
  2. If the problem still persists after #1 above, you will have to, uninstall and then reinstall, Microsoft Office.  Once Office has been reinstalled, update the installation, and apply all Service Packs, and/or Maintenance Releases.  Updating Office, is accomplished by selecting the Help Menu->Check for Updates.



Invalid Registration, Not Registered, or Product Not Licensed.





These messages do not pertain to CAPS, but rather, are coming from either, Microsoft Word, and/or, Excel.  Usually Excel, and/or Word, will give you so many times to start the program, after these attempts are exhausted; you are requiredd to register, or license the product, before continued use.  To correct this problem, Exit CAPS, and start Word and/or Excel, to register or license, the product.



Other Errors



Other errors may occur when reports print; these errors are captured and displayed with an error message, letting you retry starting Excel or Word.  If retrying the process does not work, reboot the computer.  After the computer re-boots, locate your original Office installation CD, and start Microsoft Word and/or Excel, and from the Help Menu, choose Detect and Repair, and follow the steps for repairing Microsoft Office.  Occasionally, the Detect & Repair will not fix the problem with Microsoft Word.  You will be able to determine this, if the program prints the plain paper billings with Excel, but "crashed" before any of the Contract Documents using Word, prints.  If this happens, un-installing Word (or Office), and then reinstalling, will correct the problem.  Do not attempt this, unless you have the original installation CD's available.