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  • 10/29/19 - New Jersey Certified Payroll form & Statement of Compliance (MW-562) Update complete and available. For more information AND COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO OBTAIN THE UPDATE AND SETUP visit this page - New Jersey Certified Payroll Major Changes 10-2019
  • 10/29/19  - The City of New York, Office of the Comptroller, Bureau of Labor Law has released a REVISED/UPDATED certified payroll reporting form - which went into effect IMMEDIATELY.  To obtain the new form visit this page - City of New York Certified Payroll Update Available
  • 10/08/19 - Microsoft Security Changes Result in Error 539 when printing.  Read this support article & download instructions to resolve this error.
  • 10/01/19 - We have just been made aware of DRASTIC changes to the reporting requirements for New Jersey.  We are working diligently on updating our software to meet these new requirements.  Please bear with us.
  • 9/16/19 QuickBooks DESKTOP 2020 compatibility available, read more here........
  • 4/23/18 U.S. Department of Labor issues NEW WH-347 - expiring 4/30/2021.  Read more here including instructions for updating your software.
  • Compatible with the PRISM Compliance Management electronic upload currently being required for City of San Diego, CA prevailing wage projects.
  • Compatibility with the California eCPR system has been available and working since 6/10/2015.  For more information on California eCPR (Electronic Certified Payroll) for QuickBooks.  


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Certified Payroll Solution for QuickBooks Product Details

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certified payroll solutionCertified Payroll Solution provides both Union and Non-Union contractors using QuickBooks with a streamlined solution for meeting prevailing wage and reporting requirements at all levels of government subsidized work since October 2000.  Allowing contractors and their staff to focus on their business by offering convenient and accurate Certified Payroll, EEOC/Work Utilization, Arra, and Fringe Benefit reporting that relieves the hassles and stress of meeting complex federal and/or state regulations.

QuickBooks holds basic information about your employees, customers, jobs, timetracking, and payroll information.  Certified Payroll Solution holds additional information, which is required on the final reports, about your employees, jobs, payroll wage items, and deductions; that QuickBooks doesn't in linked records.  Information from both programs is then merged together to generate the final reports--without time-consuming duplicate data entry.

When used in conjunction with QuickBooks, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.'s Certified Payroll Solution will broaden and enhance the QuickBooks end-user experience, as well as, their return on investment; allowing for timely delivery of complex, compliance driven prevailing wage reports.  Certified Payroll Solution has proven to increase report accuracy and reduce reporting efforts up to 95%: effectively turning hours of work into minutes.

electronically file your certified payroll reports with LCPtracker, TRS Consultants, Elation Systems, California Labor Compliance Monitoring Unit, MyLCMIn addition to accuracy, reliability and convenience; processing payroll in-house using QuickBooks and Certified Payroll Solution gives customers numerous benefits, including:

  • Certified Payroll Reports tailored specifically to meet your state specific reporting requirements.
  • Statement of Compliance tailored specifically to meet your state specific reporting requirements.
  • The option to generate the Federal WH-347 certified payroll report and statement of compliance for individual jobs.
  • Automatic "No Work Performed" Payroll Report.
  • Automatically creates the necessary file(s) for electronic filing of certified payroll reports with LCPtracker, Hill International {formerly TRS Consultants, Inc.}, Elation Systems, California Department of Industrial Relations - Public Works Compliance Monitoring Unit, and more.
  • 30 Federal, State, and Local EEOC/Work Utilization Reports.
  • Create Generic Bona-Fide Plan Fringe Benefit Contributions.
  • "Design-Your-Own Report" Union or Bona-Fide Plan Fringe Benefit Reporting module.
  • Includes Wage Manager Solution ($100.00 value) - a quick and effective method of updating all employee rates of pay (or the creation of new payroll wage items), in QuickBooks without the aggravating hassle of accessing each individual employee.
How Does Certified Payroll Solution for QuickBooks work?

How Does Certified Payroll Solution work?  Watch a 10 minute video on how Certified Payroll Solution interfaces with QuickBooks by clicking on the video to the left.

Priced at $395.00 for a Certified Payroll Solution "company license", with the program to be installed on as many computers as required - via electronic download (CD's, printed manuals, shipping are extra - see our Order Page for more details).

In order to successfully use Certified Payroll Solution:

  • Payroll should be issued weekly*, to follow reporting mandates, using an Intuit Payroll Subscription or manual payroll method.
  • You will need to create new payroll wage items that are more Work Classification specific.
  • Add "Project Information" to the"Ship to" Address block of the QuickBooks Job Record.
  • Employee hours must be entered or imported into the QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet.
  • Microsoft Excel and Word required to print final reports.


*Prevailing Wage requirements do indicate that payroll must be issued on a weekly basis, however, Certified Payroll Solution can handle bi-weekly payroll, as follows:

It will report the correct number of hours worked for the specific week, however, the full amount of the single bi-weekly paycheck will be reported on the final certified payroll reports - in most cases, adding a "bi-weekly payroll statement" in the Remarks section of the Statement of Compliance, will suffice.

Complete setup instructions are offered in a variety of learning methods: Audio/Video Training, self-paced training, comprehensive manuals, in-program help, or purchased training contracts.

brochure Download a pdf Certified Payroll Solution brochure (404 KB) .


If you haven't viewed our on-line training, which provides an overview of how Certified Payroll Solution interfaces with QuickBooks and used your existing data, please visit our Demonstrationpage.

To view commonly asked questions, please go to our FAQ page or for other documentation, please visit the folder Certified Payroll Solution Support, Training & Resource Center .




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