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Folder Certified Payroll Technical & Training Documents

The Certified Payroll Solution for QuickBooks Technical & Training section included FREE Advanced Training and Support items such as: program enhancement releases, obtaining and installing program updates, handling employee pay scale changes, creating electronic certified payroll reports, network installation, troubleshooting blank spots on your reports, printing or reprinting old reports, etc.


Some pdf documents will not open if you are using Chrome and the built in Chrome pdf viewer - this seems to be a widespread issue and NOT specific to our website.  Simply simply use Internet Explorer or Firefox.


  1. Download and install the Adobe PDF viewer
  2. In Chrome, in the url window - TYPE in chrome://plugins/
  3. On this screen locate the Chrome PDF viewer and disable it by clicking the Disable link.

Now, when you click on PDF's they will download and when the download has completed you can click on the file name to lauch it in Adobe Reader.


pdf Backing Up Your Certified Payroll Solution Data Popular

By 3219 downloads

Is your Certified Payroll Solution Data safe in the event of an emergency? It is a common misconception that the CPS data is backed up when you backup your QuickBooks data - this is not true. Follow these simple instructions to set CPS up to automatically back up your data, each time you exit the program.

3 pages with screenshots.

pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Bi-Weekly Payroll Popular

By 10725 downloads

Certified Payroll Reports can be generated from QuickBooks bi-weekly paychecks, although it is a little more complex, and there are some things that we simply cannot compensate for - the main one being, HOW QuickBooks recognizes payroll - which is, as of the date you cut your paycheck, instead of accurately accruing the payroll over each week.

Because of this, you will run two certified payroll reports for each paycheck; one referencing the date of the first pay period ending date, and another with the second pay period ending date. 

This information is included in your manual, however, we have included here in our support area, for your convenience.

3 pages.

pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Employee Work Classifications Popular

By 3911 downloads

Employee Work Classifications - understanding the transition or flow of employee work classifications on prevailing wage jobs.  From QuickBooks payroll wage items to work classifications that appear on your final EEOC reports, certified payroll reports, and benefit reports.

This article includes eight (8) common examples on how you might need to set things up - both in QuickBooks and Certified Payroll Solution.

14 pages with screenshots and charts.

pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Enterprise Minimum User Permissions Popular

By 4285 downloads

The advanced permission settings found in Enterpise 6.0-13.0 certainly can make a business owner feel more confident that only the people they really want to have access to certain data, are the only ones, that will indeed, be able to access it. However, we have seen many business owners get "carried away" -- effectively stopping people from actually doing their job!

This article outlines the required minimum permissions that are necessary for a user to run the Certified Payroll Solution program, and retrieve payroll information, from your QuickBooks file.

3 pages.

pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Printing Delinquent Reports Popular

By 4041 downloads

Generating delinquent or "old" certified payroll reports can be fairly easy or fairly difficult, depending upon how well you have or have not used the QuickBooks software and its functionality.

Help in generating delinquent reports is not considered to be part of your normal initial free support, and we will charge you a fee for assistance - see our Support, Training & Maintenance Policy.  However, we do offer these detailed instructions, free of charge.

3 pages.

pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Troubleshooting Accuracy & "Blank Spots" on Reports Popular

By 4792 downloads

Matching QuickBooks Paycheck Totals with Certified Payroll Report Totals - A guide for verifying and troubleshooting your final certified payroll reports.  Includes - Where ALL the information on the Certified Payroll Report and Statement of Compliance Comes from.

This is a great tool for troubleshooting the accuracy of your final reports and diagnosing "blank spots or missing information", as it will show you where each and every piece of information comes from that appears, on both your certified payroll report and statement of compliance.

37 pages

pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Underpaying Employees Popular

By 4201 downloads

Help, I underpaid my employees.........Have you ever discovered, after the fact, that you paid your employees the wrong rate, or missed a pay scale increase on a prevailing wage job? There are a lot of wrong ways to correct this, but the instructions contained in this document are the right way.

10 pages with screenshots.

pdf Certified Payroll Solution Enterprise 5.0 Minimum User Permissions Popular

By 3027 downloads

Certified Payroll Solution minimum permission settings for Enterprise 5.0 users.

2 pages.

pdf Creating Electronic Certified Payroll Reports Popular

By 5031 downloads

The "paper" certified payroll reports, produced by Certified Payroll Solution, can easily be transformed into an electronic certified payroll report, compatible with the requirements of:

  • Texas Department of Transportation requires a .CSV file
  • Elation Systems, Inc. requires an XML file
  • TRS Consultants, Inc. requires an XML file
  • LCPtracker requires an .XLS file
  • Sandia National Laboratory requires an XML file
  • Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development requires a .TXT file
  • New York Department of Transportation Equitable Business Opportunity (EBO) system
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation requires an XML file
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development requires an .XLS file

There are four (4) simple steps you must do to set CPS up, to automatically create these files.

5 pages with screenshots - updated July 26, 2010.

pdf Granting CPS Permission to Access Your QuickBooks 2004/Enterprise 4.0 File Popular

By 2729 downloads

Each (year - 2002, 2003, 2004,1.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc.) version of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions has a slightly different method in which a user must grant permission for a third-party application to be able to access their QuickBooks data file.

Because the permission granting process has changed over the years, keeping all of this information in our current program manual causes the manual to be very large and intimidating to some people, so we have decided to move the permissions for older versions out of the manual and here to our support area.

pdf Granting CPS Permission to Access your QuickBooks 2005/Enterprise 5.0 File Popular

By 2682 downloads

Each (year - 2004, 2005, 4.0, 5.0, etc.) version of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions has a slightly different method in which a user must grant permission for a third-party application to be able to access their QuickBooks data file.

Because the permission granting process has changed over the years, keeping all of this information in our current program manual causes the manual to be very large and intimidating to some people, so we have decided to move the permissions for older versions out of the manual and here to our support area.

pdf Handling Pay Scale Changes - I Want to Do It Right! Popular

By 3098 downloads

We all have to deal with Prevailing Wage Pay Scale changes at one point or another, and unlike in just about any other situation, when the pay increase goes into effect with the beginning of the next workweek - Prevailing Wage pay scale increases become effective with the first day of a specific month, usually June 1. Although, this too, can depend upon where your business is located, and/or any Union rules that you must follow.

Correctly handling this "change" in pay is easily accomplished by creating a new payroll item, and "switching" payroll items in the timesheet, when the increase becomes effective - just like you do when an employee "switches" work classifications on the job.

This article deals with correctly handling pay scale changes, as well as, some of the incorrect ways that you might have done this, and provides alternative methods for getting your Certified Payroll Reports out.

4 pages with screenshots.

pdf Installing Certified Payroll Solution on a Network Popular

By 5025 downloads

Certified Payroll Solution can be installed on a network with several people being able to use it, however, only one person at a time should use the program to retrieve payroll information from QuickBooks.

While Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. does not proclaim to be an "IT Company", we do provide you and your IT Consultants with network installation instructions, as a courtesy.

Your manual contains basic network installation instructions, while this support article contains more detailed information.

2 pages.

Watch the video How to Network Certified Payroll Solution video for a more visual experience.

pdf Obtaining Certified Payroll Solution Updates Popular

By 3611 downloads

Detailed instructions for how to download and install updates for Certified Payroll Solution.

pdf Printing Certified Payroll Reports to .pdf Popular

By 3021 downloads

Printing and/or saving your Certified Payroll reports to a .pdf file is an effective means of electronic storage and reduces the amount of "paper" work that you company needs to store in filing cabinets.  It is also an effective means of sending the reports via email.

Download this 1 page article detailing how to turn your paper reports into electronic reports.

default Ways Contractors Pay Prevailing Wage Fringe Benefits Popular

By 4797 downloads

This article discusses, "Ways Contractors Pay Prevailing Wage Fringe Benefits", and HOW to Set QuickBooks Up to Handle This, Whether or Not You Are Using Certified Payroll Solution".  It is currently being updated and will be availble by April 1, 2013 from our Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business website.  When it is released, it will contain both written instruction and step-by-step audio/video training.


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