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Certified Payroll Reporting Training Webinar

Last Updated: 18 June 2014
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How to Fulfill Your Certified Payroll Reporting Requirements - 2 hour webinar on CD

Learn about certified payroll reporting requirements

The current economic situation has dealt a serious blow to both homebuilders and commercial contractors and many are finding themselves making the move to Public Works construction and Prevailing Wage projects. 

Making the move from residential/commercial construction projects to government-funded construction projects, which have certified payroll reporting requirements, can be overwhelming for most contractors, their office staff, and the accounting professionals who support them.  This often misunderstood requirement can lead to major problems; including denial of payment and contract termination.  Don't get caught in a payroll certification trap!

This is a CD recording of our live, instructor-led, on-line 2-hour training class which has also been presented to Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. members, American Subcontractors Association, Inc. - San Diego branch, and subscribers to the Contracting Post and focuses on the following:

  • What government agencies make the laws behind certified payroll reporting requirements?
  • How to comply with Labor Standards & Payroll Reporting requirements
  • How to complete a Certified Payroll Report & Statement of Compliance
  • Common methods for creating Certified Payroll Reports, Statements of Compliance, EEOC, ARRA and Fringe Benefit Reports
  • State prevailing wage vs. Davis-Bacon forms and which form applies
  • Electronic certified payroll filing requirements
  • Ways contractors pay fringe benefits and how to document the credit you can take
  • Tracking employee time and work classifications
  • Requesting additional "trade/work classifications" and wage rates
  • Typical errors that require correction
  • What happens when things go wrong
  • Automating these time-consuming, error-prone tasks

Who should attend?

  • Owners
  • Estimators
  • Controllers
  • CFO's
  • Payroll processors
  • Office managers
  • Business development experts
  • Accounting & Consulting professionals
  • Union and non-Union Contractors

"I have attended webinars for $300.00 which did not deliver as much valuable info as this course".

Edye Kaanehe
Golden State Employer Services

"This class exceeded my expectations.  I gained a better understanding of certified payroll and the general flow, especially the section on paying fringe benefits - I thought it was cash or to the union only."

Nancy Gomez
The Bottom Line
Certified QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor

The class met, and then exceeded my expectations.  What I got was an education in certified payroll.  The comparison on how fringe benefits are paid and their effects on labor costs were most revealing."

Randy Shaw, CB
Focus Bookkeeping Solutions LLC

Cost - $99.99 (*no refunds), delivered via Priority Mail on CD - order your copy from our companion site - Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business.

Disclaimer:  This class does not focus on any sort of state specific prevailing wage training, but rather teaches the requirements at the Federal reporting level.  This knowledge can then be applied to state specific requirements, as necessary.  Additionally, this class IS NOT a training class for how to use our software.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Refund Policy:

Once you have purchased the webinar recording on CD, there are no refunds.

What is included in the cost of this webinar recording on CD?

You'll receive a CD containing the webinar recording (available in two different formats), a copy of the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar {in .pdf format with plenty of space to take notes} and a 70+ page Certified Payroll Training Guide {if purchased separately this is a $35.00 value}.

Will this webinar prepare me with everything I need to know about government-funded construction contracts and certified payroll reporting? 

No, there is no way that a single 2 hour class can teach you everything.  However, the webinar and other course materials will provide you with enough background and basic information that you should be able to handle most things that you encounter.

Does this webinar offer State specific training for certified payroll requirements? 

No.  The reporting requirements found in all 50 states vary too much to be covered in a single 2-hours class.  We will focus on the reporting requirements of the U.S. Department of Labor's Davis-Bacon Act and the completion of form WH-347; as at one time or another you will be required to submit this form when a job is funded with Federal dollars.

Do you offer CPE credits or a Certificate of Completion for this webinar?


Will this webinar teach me how to use your software? 

No, it will not, we offer free Audio/Video Training that will teach you to use our software.  You can find the video's, in both a Flash and Windows Media Player version, in our Support Area.

Can I download the contents of the CD immediately, rather than wait for the CD to arrive?

Unfortunately, no.  The file is too large to be reliably downloaded and streaming it via our site could cause poor quality.  The CD will arrive via Priority Mail within 3-5 days of your purchase - depending upon your location.

This used to be a live webinar, why did you stop doing a live webinar and will you be offering live webinars again?

You are absolutely correct, this used to be a live monthly webinar.  However, there are always a lot of issues regarding live webinars - including technical issues as well as attendees having last minute scheduling conflicts.  In the future, live webinars may be offered again.  In the meantime, important prevailing wage updates will be covered via written articles on our blog, where you'll also find additional information.

Order your copy today from our companion site - Learn to Use QuickBooks in your construction business.