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City of New York Certified Payroll Update Available

Last Updated: 29 October 2019
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The City of New York - Office of the Comptroller - Bureau of Labor Law has released a REVISED/UPDATED Certified Payroll reporting form, which went into effect IMMEDIATELY upon the release of the revised form.

This updated report includes 2 pages of instructions, that MUST BE PRINTED AND SUBMITTED when you submit the actual report.

Update instructions:

  1. Backup your CPS data.  From the Backup & Restore Menu --> choose Enhanced Backup.  Make sure a backup "folder" is specified --> Click Backup.
  2. Update CPS to the MOST current version.  From the Help menu --> choose About --> click the BIG "login" button --> download and install the current CPS Setup.  THIS MUST BE DONE ON ALL COMPUTERS RUNNING CPS.
  3. Download the Setup instructions found here, in a pdf.