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Please note: Our software products ONLY work with QuickBooks DESKTOP. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUICKBOOKS ONLINE or QUICKBOOKS MAC.

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Can I get a trial version of Certified Payroll Solution for QuickBooks?

Last Updated: 08 May 2015
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How do I obtain a live demo and/or a trial of Certified Payroll Solution?  What kind of limitations are imposed upon the trial version?

The Certified Payroll Solution Audio/Video demonstrations will cover the EXACT same things that a live demonstration will, perhaps even in more detail, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; without the difficulty of scheduling conflicts.

The Audio/Video Training demonstrations are broken down into four steps, totaling approximately 2 hours worth of high level training:

  1. Download & Installation - how to download the program from the internet & install it on your computer.
  2. Initial Setup Video - set up certified payroll reporting preferences unique to your company.
  3. QuickBooks Setup Video - a review of your QuickBooks company file setup, and the information that CPS "expects" to find there, in order to accurately generate your certified payroll reports.
  4. Running Certified Payroll Solution - an overview of running your first set of certified payroll reports using Certified Payroll Solution.

These video aree available in both a Windows Media Player and Flash with a Table of Contents, and can be found in the folder Certified Payroll Solution Training, Support & Resource Center , once there look for the Free Training category.
State specific demonstrations are available in Flash and/or .PDF formats and are available from the Demonstrations page, by clicking on your state's name.

Free, fully functional, 30-day trial are available upon request, if you feel that the product is indeed something you are interested in.

The trial version of the program is fully functional and will allow you to work with payrolls dated, 30 days before to 30 days after the date, you request the trial.  While in its trial state, a "Demonstration" watermark will appear on your printed reports.

Trials are easily converted to a fully licensed version, upon your purchase, by entering an "unlock code" that we provide you.

How does certified payroll solution work with QuickBooks?

How Does Certified Payroll Solution work?  Watch a 10 minute video on how Certified Payroll Solution interfaces with QuickBooks by clicking the image to the left.  It should address most questions that you might have

Live one-on-one demos are extremely time-consuming and had to be scheduled, they are no longer available since the release of our Audio/Video training.