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I use a payroll service, how can I utilize Certified Payroll Solution?

Last Updated: 08 May 2015
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Certified Payroll Solution relies on your payroll data to be created within QuickBooks.  Outside payroll services such as; ADP, Paychex, etc., do not permit that.

You have 3 options available to, if you wish to use Certified Payroll Solution:

  1. Switch to either QuickBooks Basic or Enhanced Payroll, we can even help you obtain a discount, if you are a new payroll subscriber.
  2. Subscribe to QuickBooks Assisted Payroll.  Contact us for the name of a QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Representative who understands prevailing wage reporting mandates and contractors; we can, also, help you to obtain a discount on your Assisted Payroll initial setup, if you are a new Assisted Payroll Subscriber.
  3. Turn on the "Manual Payroll Function" in QuickBooks, (here is an article on how to turn on manual payroll in QuickBooks from our blog) and basically act as if you are doing your payroll in QuickBooks - enter time in weekly timesheets, create paychecks using the withholding information provided by the payroll service for accurate deductions, and giving each "QuickBooks paycheck" the same check number as the payroll service.  This method will allow you to include payroll costs in job costing reports.

While each of these options may seem like a lot of work and a change in routine, think of how much better your job costing will be, now that you are including payroll costs and your certifiedl payroll processing will be much easier.