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What are Certified Payroll Solution's limitations?

Last Updated: 08 May 2015
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This is a difficult question to answer, as each person could have their own definition of what a "limitation" could be.

What we can tell you is, that currently, there are few limitations for Certified Payroll Solution, other than, limitations that exist within QuickBooks itself, OR data access limitations, which are imposed by Intuit.

For example, an Intuit data access limitation prevents Certified Payroll Solution from reading the number of Federal Withholding Allowances in the QuickBooks Employee Record; even we feel that is a limitation - the information is there in the QuickBooks employee record; but Intuit will not provide even read-only access to it.  Some people might consider this as a limitation.

Payroll items, that are classified as Additions to wages in QuickBooks, cannot accurately be assigned to a specific job, but can be included in Total Gross Wages on the certified payroll report - this follows the exact same business rules a QuickBooks,  Again, some people might consider this to be a limitation.

We cannot accurately separate a bi-weekly, or semi-monthly, or monthly paycheck into amounts for each specific workweek - again, this follows the QuickBooks businesss rules where payroll is recognized on the date that the paycheck is issued, and not when the payroll is earned.  Once again, some people could feel that this is a limitation.

If we've not addressed your specific "limitation" question, please contact us.