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I'm behind in issuing certified payrolls

Last Updated: 08 May 2015
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I am behind in issuing certified payroll reports, can I use Certified Payroll Solution to catch up?

Yes, you can use Certified Payroll Solution to catch up on the submission of delinquent reports in SOME INSTANCES, and over the years, we have made enhancements to the program that will alleviate SOME, but not all, of the difficulties that you would encounter when generating these old reports.  However, these enhancements, do not and should not, be used to replace proper setup.

While Certified Payroll Solution is really designed to work from this point forward, due to setup requirements outlined in FAQ #3 - How long will Certified Payroll Solution setup take? and in the Certified Payroll Solution - QuickBooks Setup Video, found in the  folder Certified Payroll Solution Audio/Video Training area.

It is not recommended that you go backward in time, especially if QuickBooks has not been properly utilized, it is possible to catch up on old reports if you follow a specific set of instructions.  Due to the extremely lengthy amount of time this procedure takes, it is NOT considered part of your free initial support and training, and is considered "billable" - see our Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Support, Training & Maintenance Policy.

We have, however, carefully documented the instructions for performing this task, and the instructions are provided free of charge, in the following article found in the folder Certified Payroll Solution Technical & Training Documentation ; pdf Certified Payroll Solution - Printing Delinquent Reports (89 KB) .