What's the difference-Certified Payroll Solution vs QuickBooks Certified Payroll Reports?

Certified Payroll Solution generates a complete U. S. Department of Labor Form WH-347 and/or State mandated Certified Payroll Reports, the required Statement of Compliance, "No Work Performed" payrolls, 25 different Federal, State, and Local EEOC/Work Utilization Reports, PLUS ARRA and Generic and/or Custom Designed Benefit Reports that are ready for your signature and mailing (see the Demonstrations page for details), to help you meet all of your compliance needs.

The Certified Payroll Box 1 Report that is included in the Premier Contractor Edition will only provide you with the Name, Address, and Social Security Numbers of your employees, and does not include other required information, leaving you faced with incomplete reports and tedious data manipulation.

The built-in Certified Payroll Report, that is part of QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll - when you use the Premier or Enterprise versions; is an alternate/substitute WH-347 form and may or may not meet reporting requirements.  Meaning that you will have to take the available data and manually transfer it to the correct form.