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I have Customers, Jobs, and Subjobs, can I "roll" up reports?

Last Updated: 08 May 2015
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I have Customers, Jobs, and Sub-jobs in QuickBooks, can I "roll" up certified payroll reports to the JOB level?

Job costing needs sometimes do not match the requirement of certified payroll report generation, for example:

You are awarded a job which involves work on several different buildings, for job costing purposes you've created a QuickBooks Job record for the entire project and then you created sub-jobs for each building - so you could generate accurate job costing reports.  However, the GC wants a single certified payroll report for the entire project.

Watch the How to Roll-Up/Combine Certified Payroll reports video, found in the  video Certified Payroll Solution How-To Support Videos (26.37 MB) area, which will demonstrate 4 different options in which you can generate certified payroll reports:

  1. All jobs and sub-jobs are rolled up to the "Customer" level.
  2. All sub-jobs, sub-sub-jobs, etc. are rolled up to the "job" level.
  3. All Jobs, sub-jobs, etc. are rolled up 1 level.
  4. Customers, jobs, sub-jobs, sub-sub jobs, etc. are reported at the level they are entered in QuickBooks.

Written documentation is also available in the manual.