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How is Certified Payroll Solution different from its competitors?

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How is Certified Payroll Solution different from Quantum Software Solutions -  Certified Payroll Reports,  Wizard Business Solutions - CertPay Wizard, Points North - Certified Payroll Reporting, or even the built-in report available in QuickBooks?

There are several differences; however, the main differences are program design, the length of time that each program has integrated with QuickBooks, and functionality.

  • Certified Payroll Solution was designed specifically for QuickBooks users in August 2000.
  • Quantum's Certified Payroll Reports was originally designed as, and still can be used as, a stand-alone program; a QuickBooks interface was established in November 2004.
  • Wizard Business Solutions CertPay Wizard was originally designed to integrate with Peachtree; a QuickBooks interface was established in July 2005.
  • Points North - Certified Payroll Reporting is a web-based program that has been available since late 2009 - however, they no longer provide a QuickBooks interface.
  • Intuit added an alternate/substitute WH-347 format in late 2009.

Over the years, we have spoken with user's of each of the other programs and have developed a comparison chart based on their comments and questions about Certified Payroll Solution.  We have created a  pdf Certified Payroll Solution Comparison Chart based on this information for your review.