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I issue payroll on a bi-weekly basis; will Certified Payroll Solution handle this?

Last Updated: 08 February 2013
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Essentially, you will run 2 certified payroll reports for each paycheck.

For example, let's say your work week ends on a Sunday.  On 9/6/06, you issue paychecks for the two week period covering 8/21/06 through 9/2/06.

When you are ready to generate your reports:

Start Certified Payroll Solution.  Choose Run-->Certified Payroll.  Enter the following dates:

  • Work Week/Pay Period Ending 8/27/06 with Paychecks dated From and To 9/06/06, to print the report for the first week.
  • Work Week/Pay Period Ending 9/02/06 with Paychecks dated From and To 9/06/06, to print the report for the second week.

Each individual payroll report will show the correct hours worked each day, total hours for the week, and applicable rate of pay.

However, Gross Pay This Job/All Jobs, deductions, and net pay, will be based on the amounts from the single paycheck that was issued in QuickBooks.

In "most" cases, adding a statement in the "Remarks" section of the Statement of Compliance will suffice.  We recommend the following:

Payroll is issued on a bi-weekly basis.  Gross Pay, Deductions, and Net Pay, shown on the certified payroll report, reflect the totals from the single bi-weekly paycheck issued to the employee.

Currently, there is no way for us to compensate for the way that QuickBooks does not accrue or recognize payroll when it is earned, and the statement above, is by no means, a guarantee that the person you will be submitting these reports to will accept them.  If in doubt, contact the awarding contractor or agency to discuss this matter, prior to purchase.

For additional details on handling bi-weekly payroll, look for an article called Certified Payroll Solution - Bi-Weekly Payroll, found in the folder Certified Payroll Solution Technical & Training Documentation area.