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Folder Crew/Overtime Entry FREE Training

This section contains FREE self-paced Audio/Video training; designed to walk you through the setup and use of Crew/Overtime Entry Solution in conjunction with your QuickBooks data file.

We have found that customers who take advantage of these FREE Training mechanisms are much happier with their software, as they actually get to "see the program in action" while the setup procedures are explained and demonstrated.

These training modules can also be found on our Web Service Center (where you download your software) and are included with CD purchases of the software.

Important Note: Screenshots shown in video may differ slightly from the actual screenshots you see in the program, however, setup instruction remain the same. Please realize that we spend approximately 300 hours of our time creating these videos that are available here, therefore, it is not an easy task to keep them updated.


default 1. What is Crew/Overtime Entry Solution & How Does It Work? Popular

By 4261 downloads

The What is Crew/Overtime Entry Solution & How Does It Work video introduces you to Crew/Overtime Entry Solution, why it was created, what pain points it solves for business owners and payroll administrators and provides an overview of how it interfaces and works with QuickBooks.

Flash format.  Requires sound.

18 minutes.

default 2. Crew/Overtime Entry Solution - QuickBooks Setup Video Popular

By 4857 downloads

Before you attempt to use Crew/Overtime Entry Solution to process overtime and/or weighted-average overtime calculations from your QuickBooks timesheets you need to make sure that your QuickBooks file is properly setup so that Overtime Entry can do its job accurately.

This video will cover QuickBooks Preferences utilized by Overtime Entry, Employee Setup, and your Payroll Item List.

Flash with a Table of Contents.  Requires sound.

16 minutes.

default 3. Crew/Overtime Entry Solution - Initial Setup Video Popular

By 4405 downloads

In this video we will teach Crew/Overtime Entry Solution how to accurately calculate overtime and/or weighted-average overtime according to the laws of your state.

Flash with a convenient Table of Contents.  Requires sound.

19 minutes.

default 4. Crew/Overtime Entry Solution - Linking Crew/Overtime Entry with QuickBooks Popular

By 4697 downloads

This video covers key elements such as accessing your QuickBooks data file, granting Overtime Entry Solution permission to work with your data, posting paid time off, setting up & linking wages, and using Overtime Entry to post wage rates to your Employee Records in QuickBooks.

Flash with a convenient Table of Contents.  Requires sound.

30 minutes. 

default 5. Running Crew/Overtime Entry Solution Popular

By 4371 downloads

This video covers the key elements of running Crew/Overtime Entry Solution for the first time.  From entering your QuickBooks Timesheets to manually checking the accuracy by performing the overtime and/or weighted-average overtime calculation as a "check", to make sure that you have everything set up correctly.

Flash with a convenient Table of Contents.  Requires sound.

21 minutes.

default 6. Crew Setup & Crew Time Entry Popular

By 4171 downloads

This is the final video in our Crew/Overtime Entry Solution training series, and the LAST step that you should complete.  In this video we'll learn about creating "crews or groups" of employees, assigning employess to groups, entering time by group, by job, and by day and posting this back to QuickBooks Weekly Timesheets - you can enter time for hundreds of employees with just a few clicks of your mouse.  At the end of the week, retrieve these timesheets and Crew/Overtime Entry Solution will caclulate overtime/weighted-average overtime and post the revised information back to QuickBooks - leaving you to process payroll.

Flash with a convenient Table of Contents for easy review.  Requires sound.

25 minutes.

pdf Crew/Overtime Entry Download & Installation Manual Popular

By 4578 downloads

Download & Installation instructions in .pdf format. Updated to include the most common problems experienced by Windows 7 & Vista Users.

NOTE:  The same instructions will apply to Windows 8.1 and 8, you just have to go about it a little differently.

Updated 9/19/2014


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