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QuickBooks IIF Inactive CleanUp Utility

Last Updated: 04 September 2015
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Quickly and easily remove inactive list items from QuickBooks IIF files

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Consultants we often find ourselves tasked with the process of creating a new company file for our clients from an existing QuickBooks file that is so corrupt that we cannot use any of the normal/easy means available to us; and are left with starting the file from scratch.

Automate the task of cleaning up IIF filesIntuit, for as many years as I can remember, has offered us a means of exporting various QuickBooks Lists into their own IIF format - so that we can import those lists into a brand new file.  However, they have never provided us with a method to quickly and easily remove inactive list elements - before we import that list into the new file.  This has caused much grief and aggrevation over the years and as we all know; it's a horribly time-consuming task to manually remove those inactive list items.

Enter, the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility!  Saving you countless hours (not to mention headaches) caused by scrolling through long IIF files and removing the inactive list elements before you can import them into a new file.

The QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility has been designed to quickly scan an IIF file looking for inactive entries to remove, leaving a clean list to import into the new company file.  No need to manually remove remove these entries from the IIF file.  In many instances it will take longer to export the file to IIF format than it will take the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility to actually clean up the list.  Think of the time-savings and increase in productivity you will experience when performing this sort of service!

make your next QuickBooks cleanup project a breeze video

Watch this brief (7 minute) video introducing the QuickBooks IIF Inactive Cleanup Utility video.  See it in action and learn about how it works.

Make your next QuickBooks cleanup project a breeze!