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Another Update for Illinois DOL Electronic Uploads

Last Updated: 07 December 2020
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Illinois Department of Labor has released a new Affidavit/Weekly Statement of Compliance for their Certified Transcript of  Payroll Portal, replacing the one that has been required for years. Electronic reporting requirements initially went into effect on 9/1/2020.

We've updated Certified Payroll Solution for QuickBooks to include the new Affidavit, which requires you to provide information about:

  • Who you are paying the fringe benefit portion of prevailing wage to,
  • Information about the subcontractors that you've hired
  • and, requires a digital signature

Once setup correctly, Certified Payroll Solution will automatically complete the Certified Transcript of Payroll import file (which is a .CSV file) and the Affidavit/Weekly Statement of Compliance (which is a Microsoft Word file). 

Beginning later today, new users (including trial users) will find this compatibility built right into the software.

Existing customers with active Maintenance (have been notified) will need to download & install the latest version of the software in order to access and utilize this update.  Our Help Document (3.02 MB)  has also been updated to include setup instructions for completing the new Affidavit/Weekly Statement of Compliance - these instructions begin on page 12.

Existing customers without Maintenance will need to reinstate their maintenance contract before they are able to access and utilize this update.

NOTE:  Updates such as this one part of our Annual Maintenance and is provided at no additional charge.

The Certified Transcript of Payroll import template has several very strict formatting rules - if the data is not entered exactly as specified the system will generate an error and you will not be able to continue.

Complete step-by-step instructions are found in this Help Document (3.02 MB) - with setup instructions for the new Affidavit/Weekly Statement of Compliance beginning on page 12.  These instructions have not yet been incorporated into the In-Program Help file.