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Installing Your Software on a new computer

Last Updated: 17 February 2013
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Are you planning on purchasing a new computer -or- do you have a new computer?  Follow these instruction for moving your Certified Payroll, AIA Billing or Crew Overtime Entry Solution program and data to a new computer. 

Make sure your computer tech reads this article and Is There a New Computer in your future? Buying a New Computer.


  • Data can be copied – Word files, Excel files, QuickBooks company files (QBW or QBB), your CPS/CAPS data.
  • Programs must be installed – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, CPS and/or CAPS.  Programs cannot be copied.
  • With Windows Vista, 7, or 8; it is strongly suggested that you create a Standard User Account and install your software while being logged in under the User Account.  Read this blog article for instructions for on creating a Standard User Account.
  • The Intuit Developer Network requires that QuickBooks and 3rd party applications created using the QuickBooks SDK, such as ours, be installed and run from a Standard User Account.  Read this article from our blog about Windows Vista/7, QuickBooks & 3rd party applications.
  • With Windows Vista, 7, and 8, it is highly recommended that you create a password for both the Administrator Account AND the User Account.
  • With Windows Vista, 7, and 8; it is highly recommended that you leave the User Account Control settings turned on.
  • Make sure that your IT consultant/computer person follows these instructions!  If they do not you will receive an 80040408 - Could Not Start QuickBooks Error.


icon Certified Payroll Solution Download & Installation Manual

pdf  Construction Application for Payment Solution Download & Installation Instructions

pdf Crew/Overtime Entry Download & Installation Manual  


From your existing computer

1.  Backup your CPS/CAPS data to external media
2.  Start CPS/CAPS, go to the Help menu, choose About and click the big Login to the Web Service Center button.
3.  In the RIGHT column look for the heading Installing on a New Computer
4.  This opens a new web page – print this page as it contains your license information.
5.  Download and Save the program to external media.

On the new computer

1.  Install the program
2.  Enter your license information
3.  Click the Cancel button on each of the Setup Wizard windows until you reach the main window.
4.  From the CPS/CAPS Backup and Restore menu, choose Enhanced Restore
5.  Use the Browse for File to Restore button to navigate to the location that you saved your backup, select it.  The file name and location should now appear in the Backup File to Be Restored field.
6.  Click the Restore All Data button.

Connecting to QuickBooks on your new computer

1.  Start QuickBooks
2.  In CPS go to the System Setup menu -> System Preferences -> and click on the Data Locations tab.
a.  Click into and delete the contents in the 2nd box from the top.
b.  Click the Test QuickBooks Connection button
3.  In CAPS go to the System Setup menu -> Data Locations
a.  Click into and delete the contents in the 2nd box from the top
b.  Click the Test QuickBooks Connection button


1.  IF you are simply replacing a single computer in an existing network BEFORE you remove your old computer you will need to start CPS/CAPS, go to the “Data Locations” tab, and write down the location of your CPS/CAPS data on the server.  On the NEW computer, go to System Setup -> Data Locations and use the Browse for Data Path button to “point” to the same place as the old computer.
2.  IF you are building an entirely new network, refer to the networking instructions in the CPS/CAPS manual or download them here:

video  How to Network Certified Payroll Solution-video

pdf  Installing Certified Payroll Solution on a Network-written instructions

video  How to Network Construction Application for Payment Solution-video  

pdf  Installing Construction Application for Payment Solution on a Network-written instructions

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