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Welcome to Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Training, Support & Resource Area!

Office Closed 6/29 to 9/15/18-ONLY EMAIL for Sales & Support

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Between June 29 and September 15, 2018 our office will be closed and we will ONLY BE ACCEPTING EMAIL for all sales and support inquiries.  There will be NO ONE to handle phones or remote logins during this time.

You are probably wondering why this is happening.  Well, after 18 years of little to no vacations, we are taking the entire month of July and into early August for vacation and we plan to just simply unplug.  Yes, we realize that this is pretty much unheard of in this connected 24/7 world we live in - but honestly, we need a break after 18 years!

While we are on vacation we will ONLY respond to sales and/or support questions via email - there will be NO ONE at the office to answer the phone or to remotely login to your computer and fix something for you.  We will be traveling and are not certain how well cell phone or internet service will be.  If we deem it necessary to respond via phone, we will do so, but there will be absolutely no remote login support.


Orders, trials, and emails will be handled within 1 business day.


When we return in August, we will be testing the compatibility of our software with QuickBooks 2019 and making any necessary coding adjustments.  We will need uninterrupted time to complete this process.


Here is how you can contact us during this time:

Support ONLY – sssBen (at) SunburstSoftwareSolutions (dot) com

Sales or Support – sales (at) SunburstSoftwareSolutions (dot) com

OR - use our Contact Us page


Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Nancy & Ben



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