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QuickBooks Crew/Overtime Entry Solution

Last Updated: 29 January 2024
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Automates Time Card Entry by "Crew or Job" and Performs Overtime and/or Weighted-Average Overtime Calculations -  by Extending the Power of QuickBooks®

Enter timecards by crew or job, automatically calculate overtimeIn today's busy workplace, business owners and payroll administrators are faced with numerous challenges, which cause them to want and need to be able to quickly and accurately enter employee time cards by "crew or group" and by "job or project", especially when employees:

  • Work on more than one job or project during a single workweek, with different wage rates for each job,
  • Perform work under more than one type of work/trade classification in a single workweek, with different wage rates for each work classification.

Because of these situations, they also want software that will automatically calculate and distribute overtime hours worked for all employees, on all jobs, for any given work week - relieving them of the time-consuming and error-prone process caused by manual calculations and timecard entry.

Run Your Business More Efficiently.

Stop wasting your time manually calculating and entering overtime and/or weighted-average overtime.

Crew/Overtime Entry Solution works with QuickBooks to provide a solution to nine (9) critical and missing needs for your QuickBooks employee time card entry and overtime calculation processes.

With Crew/Overtime Entry Solution:

  • You can teach the program about the Overtime laws that your state requires you to follow.
  • You can create "crews or groups" of employees.
  • Employees can be assigned to the same group multiple times with different rates of pay OR employees can be assigned to multiple crews.
  • You can enter time by crew, by job, by day; using ALL straight time hours - and post this back to your QuickBooks Weekly Timesheet.
  • You can enter timecards for hundreds of employees with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • You will no longer need to manually calculate - or enter - Overtime or Double Time hours worked by each employee.
  • Create a paid Holiday schedule and have COES enter paid holidays automatically.
  • "Weighted-Average" Overtime can be automatically calculated by choosing one of four different calculation methods and added to each employee's timesheet at the end of the week.
  • You can eliminate the need to manually update employee rates of pay be setting "defaults" in Crew/Overtime Entry Solution.

The time saved and ease of complex Overtime Law Compliance make this program a lifesaver

QuickBooks holds basic information about your employees, customers, jobs, time tracking and basic payroll information.  Crew/Overtime Entry Solution holds additional information about your State's Overtime, Double Time Laws, company paid holidays, and how you want "weighted-average overtime" to be calculated.

Once these preferences are in place; you enter employee time using the QuickBooks Weekly Time sheet, as you always have, but using ALL straight time hours


You can create crews or groups in Crew/Overtime Solution, assigning your employees to multiple crews, and then enter timecards by crew, by job, by day - you can enter time for hundreds of employees with just a few mouse clicks - and post this information back to your QuickBooks Weekly Timesheets.

At the end of the week, retrieve the timesheets with Crew/Overtime Entry Solution and it will perform overtime and/or weighted-average overtime calculations, based on your preferences; and then the program writes the revised timesheet entries back to QuickBooks when you can then process payroll, as usual.

How does Crew/Overtime Entry Solution Work?  Watch this video to find out:

  video 1. What is Crew/Overtime Entry Solution & How Does It Work? (33.81 MB)

Priced at $499.00 for a Crew/Overtime Entry Solution company license' with the program to be installed on as many computers as necessary, via electronic download.  See our Order Page for more details.