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Please note: Our software products ONLY work with QuickBooks DESKTOP. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUICKBOOKS ONLINE or QUICKBOOKS MAC.

8/18/23 - The software that our website is built on underwent a major upgrade this week.  As with many upgrades, things break!  We're working diligently to correct the problems, but this is a HUGE website with almost 23 years of information.  We appreciate your patience.  

QuickBooks 2016 Bug Affects Many Add-On products

Last Updated: 07 October 2015
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Apparently Intuit made a bigger change in the underlying database than we had been told. They moved from Sybase 11 up to Sybase 16.  Along the way, something was broken. HOPEFULLY this is the only break, but we don't know yet.  Right now, the following error ONLY has been reported by those using QuickBooks Enterprise 16.0

If an SDK add-on program performs a "customer query" (which ALL of our programs do), QuickBooks will crash.

Word is that it is going to take Intuit awhile to get this fixed - probably with the release of R4P (which has historically been late November to mid-December).

There is a workaround if you encounter this issue. You want to edit the QBSDK.INI file on EACH computer where the 3rd party program is installed.

Here are the instructions from Intuit:

Go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks.  Find and edit the qbsdk.ini file.

If you can't find the file, or directory do a Start - Run - "C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks" <enter> and then edit qbsdk.ini.

If the qbsdk.ini is not there, just create it using Notepad.  The file should contain the following information, with the last line being the most important one.


You can avoid this error by NOT installing QuickBooks Enterprise 16 - and it's exactly things like this that prompt me to warn people not to be the first to upgrade to the new version!


If you are uncomfortable with editing the qbsdk.ini file and want us to do it for you - it is a $125.00 charge.