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How Does Sunburst Work with ProAdvisors & Accountants?

Last Updated: 06 March 2013
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How Does Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Work with ProAdvisors, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Consultants & IT Professionals?  This is a question that we are frequently asked, so please let us state for the record............

  • WE DO NOT offer a commission, reseller, or any other sort of fee based program in which you receive money for recommending our software to  your client.  Frankly, we feel that paying someone to recommend our software is basically "bribery" - we would much rather that you recommend our software to a client because it is a good product.
  • On the other hand, we DO NOT CHARGE YOU to become a "Certified Sunburst Advisor".

These types of programs are costly to track on our part and/or costly for you to participate in.

We prefer to work with ProAdvisors, CPA's, Bookkeepers, etc. on a Referral Partner Program basis.

As a participant in our Referral Partner Program, we will refer to you, our customers who contact us about their need for an Advisor or CPA in their area who is familiar with BOTH QuickBooks and the construction industry for:

  • Ongoing file review
  • Tax preparation
  • QuickBooks setup, installation, or training
  • And, sometimes to help with the setup of our software.  Most of the time, our software is already up and running, so support for our programs is minimal.

What do you expect of ProAdvisors, CPA's, etc., who wish to participate in the Referral Partner Program?

Because we do not charge you to become a "Certified Sunburst Advisor", it also means, that we do not provide you with countless hours of free telephone or remote support involving the requirements and/or mandates behind Certified Payroll Reporting, AIA Billing, or Weighted-Average Overtime.  Our time, like yours; is valuable and billable.

We expect our Referral Partners to already have a good working knowledge of using QuickBooks in the commercial/government construction industry; and have a good understanding of certified payroll, AIA billing, and weighted-average overtime requirements.

While we do expect you to be familiar with the requirements - we do not expect you to be familiar with our software or how it works.

You have access to the same high-quality training materials (here on our website) that we provide to our customers to review at your leisure.  We do expect you to review and become familiar with the training materials offered here - they are an accurate depiction of the program, what it requires, and how it works.

Once you have reviewed the materials, please feel free to contact us with any specific questions that you may have.

How does an Advisor/CPA, etc. become a participant in your Referral Partner Program?

To participate in our Referral Partner Program, you will need a strong construction accounting background that includes QuickBooks.  It will be helpful if you are familiar with our software.

What are the benefits of becoming a Referral Partner?

Your will be listed in our On-line Referral Database of ProAdvisors/CPA's Who Support Sunburst Software (located right here in our support area).

This listing in our referral database will provide you with the potential to gain new customers without spending any advertising dollars, and to set yourself apart as an expert in the commercial/government construction industry.  You will be able to charge your normal QuickBooks consulting/training or tax preparations rates; will will be far more profitable than any sort of commission that would be offered.

When working with a client, you are entitled to receive the same Technical Support as they would, if they were setting up the program without your help.  See our Support, Training & Maintenance Policy for complete details.

Please contact us for more information or to participate in our Referral Partner Program.