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8/18/23 - The software that our website is built on underwent a major upgrade this week.  As with many upgrades, things break!  We're working diligently to correct the problems, but this is a HUGE website with almost 23 years of information.  We appreciate your patience.  

Folder AIA® Style Billing How-To Support Videos

This section contains several short videos which cover our most frequent Support Calls.  All of the information in these videos also have written instruction in our printed and .pdf manuals as well as in the In-Program Help file (accessed from the big ? mark in the lower right corner of each window).

Topics covered include:  How to backup your data, How to restore your data, how to find your "lost" data, and more.

These videos have been created in an mp4 file format - which means they should run using whatever video software you have installed on your computer; heck they even work with the HP MediaSmart Video player on my laptop!


video How to Backup Your CAPS Data Popular

By 8058 downloads

The information that you enter into CAPS is not backed up when you back up your QuickBooks file and it requires it's own backup.

In less than 5 minutes we will walk you through the 4 steps that are necessary to set up the initial CPS backup routine, after that CAPS will automatically back up your data every time you exit the program.

This simple procedure for creating a backup can save you a ton of time and effort if your computer crashes, is compromised by a virus or if you need to move CAPS to a new computer.  Without a backup, you'll need to set everything up from scratch.

video How to Create Retainage Draws in Construction Application for Payment Solution Popular

By 7850 downloads

Retainage is often a contractors profit on a job, therefore, billing for it is important.  With CAPS:

  • Retainage can be billed at various points throughout the project
  • Retainage can be included with the final draw on a project
  • OR a retainage bill can be created at any point after the project has been completed

This video will teach you how to setup and use all three Retainage billing methods.

video How to Display Retainage in Column I of the Continuation Sheet Popular

By 7404 downloads

Retainage ONLY displays in Column I if the contract is a Variable Rate contract, meaning that the retainage rate changes throughout the life of the contract:

  • 10% until the project is 50% complete, then 5% on the balance
  • Different for specific phases of the work
  • Different on specific line items

Learn how to make retainage display as a percentage (10%) OR the dollar amount that represents 10% ($75.00), even on a contract that has a fixed or flat rate of retainage over the life of the contract.

video How to Network Construction Application for Payment Solution Popular

By 7726 downloads

Networking is the desire for 2 or more people to share or work with the same data/information.

With QuickBooks, you share a single data file (the .QBW file) between your computers.  With CAPS you share a common folder.

Learn (and see for yourself in less than 7 1/2 minutes) how easy it really is to network the CAPS data folder.

Note:  Written instructions are provided in the .pdf manual, printed manual and the in-program help, which is accessed from the CAPS Help menu -> Contents -> Search -> Networking.

video How to Print Your AIA Billings to a PDF file Popular

By 7335 downloads

Printing and/or saving your AIA Billing to a .pdf file is an effective means of electronic storage and reduces the amount of "paper" work that you company needs to store in filing cabinets.  It is also an effective means of sending the reports via email.

One problem with this method though, is the inability to include a notary stamp and signature.  Make sure that you have some sort of written agreement for a "Signature on file".

video How to Restore Your CAPS Data Popular

By 7435 downloads

Need to restore your Construction Application for Payment Solution (CPS) data, but aren't sure how to?

Maybe you aren't sure where your backups are located - learn how to use the "Search" function on your computer to locate your CAP Data *.zip file and restore it.

Restoring a backup is going to save you a ton of time if your computer crashed, was compromised by a virus or you are simply moving to a new computer.  Without having a backup to restore, you'll need to set everything up from scratch.

video How to Save Your AIA Style Billings to Excel Popular

By 9876 downloads

Want/need to save your AIA Billings to Excel but don't know how?  This video will teach you how in just over 5 minutes and 4 easy steps!

The video also discusses some common reasons as to "why" you might want to save them to Excel.  If it's because you want to email them to someone, you might be better off printing them to a pdf file (see this video).