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Temporary WH-347 form released

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4/2/2018 The US. Department of Labor has released a 2nd TEMPORARY WH-347 form - this one with an expiration date of 4/30/18.  Update your software using the instructions found below.

2/28/18 The U.S. Department of Labor has released a TEMPORARY WH-347 form - with an expiration date of 3/31/18.

We have NO idea what is going on - but we have updated CPS to generate the temporary form until the next roll-out.

Keep reading for instructions on how to update your software.

Please note - there will be NO phone support.  We are being swamped with phone calls and email.

The following information applies:

  • If you downloaded CPS AFTER 5:00 pm EST today 4/2/2018 (previously 2/28/18) - YOU HAVE the temporary form.
  • If you request a trial beginning 4/3/2018 (previously 3/1/18) - YOU HAVE the temporary form.
  • If updated prior to today 4/2/18 - YOU DO NOT have  the temporary form which expires on 4/30/18 and will need to update.

To update your CPS software:

  • From the Help menu --> choose About --> click the big "Login to web service center button"
  • Once at the Web Service Center page --> look for the "Download current CPS Setup" button
  • Run through the installer and you should be good - nothing extra to do.
  • This MUST be done on each machine that has the program installed.

IF you receive an Authentication Error - you no longer have program maintenance and access to this update.  Please Contact us to reinstate your maintenance/obtain an upgrade.

IF you have trouble installing the new version - it could be that the version you are currently running is VERY old and you will need to uninstall the software from Control Panel --> Programs & Features before you can install.  In this instance, please have the Web Service Center page open BEFORE you uninstall.





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