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The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a TEMPORARY WH-347 form, we have updated CPS to include the temporary form.  For more information, click here.


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07/27/2010 Texas Department of Transportation Offers Electronic Certified Payrolls (E-Payrolls)

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7/27/2010 Texas Department of Transportation Offers Ability to Electronically File Certified Payrolls Like Many Other Agencies

The Texas Department of Transportation, like many other state agencies, is offering contractors the ability to electronically submit their certified payroll reports, through its Electronic Project Records System (EPRS).

Texas Department of Transportation Electronic Project Records SystemTxDOT EPRS provides contractors with multiple functions which they can utilize; however, one of the primary functions of the EPRS is that of collecting Electronic Certified Payrolls (E-Payrolls), instead of requiring contractors to submit paper certified payroll report forms for review.

E-Payrolls may be uploaded into the EPRS from a contractor’s computer IF they have the proper information, in a specific data order, and it is a .CSV file format – otherwise the contractor will have to take his printed paper certified payroll report and manually input it in the EPRS System.

We have worked closely with representatives of Texas DOT to ensure that CPS will create the required .CSV file.  It has been tested and approved.

You may obtain this update by following the instructions below - this is both a program update ONLY and MUST be installed on each computer that CPS is installed on:

  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Start Certified Payroll Solution (CPS) - BACKUP YOUR CPS DATA! Backup & Restore menu -> Enhanced Backup -> if necessary click the big ? (question mark) in the lower right corner for complete instruction for setting CPS up to perform automatic backups each time you exit the program.
  • From the CPS Help menu -> choose Check for Updates ->From the Select an Update drop down menu, choose *Version 5.0.440* OR HIGHER (version numbers increase as new features functionality are included in the program).
  • Click the Download & Install button twice.  (CPS may seem unresponsive while it downloads & installs this updat, please be patient).  The program will close when the update has completed.

Certified Payroll Solution Required Setup:

Some additional setup is required in order for CPS to deliver all of the information required by TxDOT.

  • Add your 5-digit Texas DOT Contractor # - Start CPS -> from the System Setup menu -> choose System Preferences -> click on the W/C Info+ tab -> enter your 5 digit Contractor ID in the appropriately labeled field ->click Ok to save your changes.
  • Add Texas DOT Job Class Codes & Apprentice Experience to Employee Work Classification - These codes MUST be obtained from TxDOT, Sunburst was not provided with them.  Once you have this information; in CPS -> Basic Info menu -> Work Classifications -> Edit each Work Classification that your employees fall under and enter the Job Class Code and Apprentice Experience in the applicable fields.  When you have finished editing your Work Classifications, click the OK button -> the Done button -> and when prompted to Save Changes, click Yes.  Closing/exiting the Work Class Maintenance section by clicking on the X in the upper right corner WILL NOT save any of the changes that you have made.

NOTE: Version 5.0.439 is a fully-tested BETA version.



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