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U.S. DOL issues temporary WH-347

Last Updated: 07 July 2021
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The WH-347 form was set to expire on 4/30/2021, however, the U.S. Department of Labor has issued it's 3rd temporary Form WH-347, this one has an expiration date of 7/31/2021.  Currently the expiration date is the ONLY thing that has changed.

7/01/21 (3rd temporary form) We have released a software update, revising our version of the WH-347 to include the new expiration date of 7/31/21.

06/01/21 (2nd temporary form) We have released a software update, revising our version of the WH-347 to include the new expiration date of 6/30/21. 

05/03/21 We have released a software update for Certified Payroll Solution, revising our version of the WH-347 form to include the new expiration date of 5/31/2021, there are no other changes at this time.

How this impacts you:

New trial users:

When you request a trial of the Certified Payroll Solution program, the WH-347 form will be automatically included and have the most current expiration date.

Users requesting a trial prior to today (7/01/21):

During your evaluation of the software, you will have the WH-347 Form with one of the OLDER temporary expiration dates. Upon your purchase of the program, you will then be required to update the program to receive the temporary version.  (See instructions below)

Existing customers (with an ACTIVE Annual Maintenance plan) will need to  update the Certified Payroll Solution software:

Obtaining a software update is quite simple.  Follow these steps:

  • Start Certified Payroll Solution (CPS)
  • From the Help menu --> choose Check for Updates
  • A browser window will open the Web Service Center --> click the button that says "Download Current CPS Setup/Installation"
  • Run through the program's installation wizard
  • Repeat this process on each computer where the CPS software is installed

Existing customers without an Active Annual Maintenance plan:

You will receive an Authentication Failed error message, and will need to contact us to reinstate your program maintenance.

We will be watching for final changes to the WH-347 form, beginning June 1.