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Important Announcements:
Please note: Our software products ONLY work with QuickBooks DESKTOP. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUICKBOOKS ONLINE or QUICKBOOKS MAC.

8/18/23 - The software that our website is built on underwent a major upgrade this week.  As with many upgrades, things break!  We're working diligently to correct the problems, but this is a HUGE website with almost 23 years of information.  We appreciate your patience.  

Urgent news about QB 2013/Enterprise 13 & Sunburst Software Solutions

Last Updated: 29 July 2014
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The current automatic update of  QuickBooks(QB) 2013 / Enterprise 13 (R7P) has caused major issues for many 3rd party applications.  Our software has been affected, QuickBooks is telling us that there is an error when there actually was not one.  Other issues were narrowly averted some of the issues were located & quashed during the QB beta testing of the QB service Release 7.

7/2/2013 - Update:

Intuit has made available an R8 update - this is a manual update at this time and is expected to be pushed out via automatic update shortly.  At this time, we are highly recommending that you download and install the manual R8 update - you can obtain it from the QuickBooks Support Area.

We were given early access to the R8 update and have determined that it will resolve the problems with our software without having to go through the steps indicated below.  This update also resolves other issues caused by the R7 update including but not limited to: Unrecoverable Error 00000 03667 and Billable time in the Choose Billable/Time Costs window is now sorted by date instead of Employee name.




Please read this article carefully to implement necessary steps:

If you have QB 2011 or 2012/ Enterprise 11 or 12 there are no problems and you do not need to update your software.  At this time, we recommend that you not update your software.

If you have QB 2010 or prior do NOT update your "Sunburst" software for the time being.


If you have 2013, you MUST update Certified Payroll Solution (including Wage Manager) and Crew Overtime Entry and QuickBooks.  Construction Application "should not" need to be updated.

With QuickBooks Pro/Premier (any version Contractor, Professional Services, etc) 2013/ Enterprise 13.0 (any version) there are a number of issues and these are the instructions that Intuit has provided us - that you must follow for updating QuickBooks - any issues that you experience with these instructions please contact Intuit Support as we will be unable to help you.  Instruction for updating our software is below.

You need to be certain the QB critical fix has been applied.  Please follow the instructions

If you get an unrecoverable error from QuickBooks which is likely to be similar to this:
An error occurred while applying the download data to QuickBooks.  Please retry later.
ErrorCode:  17_7126
Or, QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error  Code: 00000 37760

Please see this Intuit support article and resolution:

Our software has been specifically affected as follows:

Crew Overtime Entry Solution --> will clear the pay rates employees and not insert new rates.

Wage Manager Solution --> will clear the pay rates employees and not insert new rates.

Certified Payroll Solution (CPS) -->   When no-work performed jobs have been deleted in QB, these jobs do not reported as being deleted in QB by CPS as they should be.  When this occurs, all no work performed reports will not have get the project location from the QB Ship To Address.   Wage Manager is included with CPS, so the above listed bug also occurs.

CAPS / AIA Billing --> No errors found to date.  We suspect that if you add the item # to the line item descriptions on the continuation sheet that there may be an error.  But we have yet to reproduce this error or have it reported.  This is option can be set in System Setup --> Options, and to our knowledge is rarely used.


We believe that we have corrected our software to deal with these issues, but the number of reports in the field are dramatic and we cannot be sure they have been completely addressed.  To date, we had to tell our program to ignore certain errors issued by QuickBooks.  This is not desirable but the only way around these serious problems.

We have been seriously swamped and worked our very best to address these issues as fast as possible.

Crew Overtime Entry Solution customers have been sent emails to address these problems already.

If you have QB 2013 & Certified Payroll Solution, then you need to update to CPS version 5.0.573.  
In CPS --> Help --> Check for Updates and update to 5.0.573.

When Help --> Check for Updates does not work, follow these instructions to update CPS to the current version.
There are 2 alternatives that will fix the error.

Alternative I -- Change User Account Setting
Almost always this does not happen with Windows XP and is caused by an incorrect user account control settings in Windows Vista, 7, and 8 .  Windows --> Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Change User Account Control Settings.  The slider bar here when properly set will be on the highest (top) or second highest setting, change this setting, reboot your PC. Once a reboot has occurred then Help --> Check for Updates should now work.  If it does not, proceed to Alternative II.

Alternative II -- Uninstall & Reinstall the software.

A. Backup your CPS data if you don't automatically do so. You should not need it but just in case CPS --> Backup & Restore --> Enhanced Backup...)
B. Download the new install. When you download, you will save it to your hard disk, probably in "My Downloads", but be sure you have it before proceeding. To do this in CPS --> Help --> About --> Login to Web Service Center --> When the web page displays, on the right side click on the "New Installation" button. Next click on the "Download CPS Setup" choose to save the file and again remember where it saves this file named CpsV5Setup.exe or possibly CpsV5Setup(#).exe where # is the sequence of the download.

Next exit CPS & QuickBooks and go to the Windows --> Control Panel --> Programs & Features ---> wait for loading to complete & the click Certified Payroll Solution & then click Uninstall at the top.
After installation, locate the saved CpsV5Setup program and double click it to start the install.
After you finish the install, restart CPS and choose Help --> About. Click both Refresh State and after that completes, Refresh Forms. You should be all set.

Please bear with us as calls have been extremely heavy & we are working to address all issues as fast as we can.

Ben & Nancy