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QuickBooks Payroll Wage Manager

Last Updated: 11 May 2015
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Wage Manager Solution Ends the Frustration of Manual Employee Payroll Wage Rate Extending the Power of QuickBooks®

automate your critical workflows and processesPaying your employees the correct rate of pay is one of the most critical portions of your business; and if those employees are subject to multiple pay rates or have frequent pay rate changes, ensuring that everyone is being paid the correct rate can be a tedious and error prone process when you use QuickBooks.

Run your Business More Efficiently

Business Owners/Payroll Administrators - Stop manually updating rates of pay, one employee at a time...

and let Wage Manager Solution do the "busy work" for you.  Soon, you won't dread across the board employee raises or get depressed over yet another Wage Determination for a new Prevailing Wage job - that requires yet another rate of pay.

Regardless of what type of business you operate, Wage Manager Solution can help you ensure that your employees are being paid the right rate for the job they are working on or the task they are performing.

Wage Manager Solution works with QuickBooks to help you automate pay rate increases; regardless of what type of business you operate.

Wage Manager Solution (WMS) allows you to import and view your employees, the payroll wage items, and the pay rates that are currently assigned to them, onto a convenient spreadsheet type layout.  After this information is in WMS, you can create new payroll wage items and pay rates; modify existing payroll wage items with new rates; or remove obsolete payroll wage items - assigning the changes to one or multiple employees within the grid.  Writing the information back to QuickBooks, at the click of a button and updating ALL of your employee records with the new payroll wage information.

Forget having to keep an Excel based wage sheet and having to check and double-check that employees are paid the right rate of pay each week when you run payroll.

Adding or creating new pay rates has never been so easy!

Because Wage Manager Solution utilizes your existing QuickBooks data, you can:

  • Stop wasting valuable time updating individual employee records when a new payroll wage item is added or a pay increase happens.
  • Streamline the wage rate modification process.
  • Rest assured that your employees are being paid the right rate for the job they are working on or the task they are performing.
  • Allows for fringe benefit and shift differential calculations.
  • Work with single or multiple payroll wage item types - i.e. only Hourly Rates, Commissions, Salary items or any combination of the above.
  • Copy  an existing payroll Item structure; creating items for straight time, overtime, double time and triple time, all at the same time, and assign the new payroll item to multiple employees.
  • Remove obsolete payroll items from multiple employee records, all at the same time.
  • Increase or decrease existing rates of pay by a specific dollar amount, a percentage, or set the rates to be a fixed amount.
  • Licensed to your company; so Accountants and ProAdvisors can work with multiple files.
how does wms work

How Does Wage Manager Solution Work?  Watch this 10 minute video to find out.

Wage Manager Solution is included FREE of Charge with the Certified Payroll Solution program; OR it can be purchased separately for $100.00 per company license, with the program installed on as many computers as desired, via electronic download.