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Windows 10/Office Printing Issue

Last Updated: 29 September 2016
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A recent Windows 10 update has caused issues when previewing and printing AIA Billings and Certified Payroll Reports.  While we have put in some workarounds they are only band-aids.  There are two ways to resolve this - a quick fix and what is hopefully the "real" resolution.  This article deals with both programs as the resolution is similar for each

NOTE:  Please be aware that we are attempting to fix an issue that was caused by a Microcost update to a program that is not ours.  If you are calling in for support, expect delays as we are having to repeat this information to absolutely everyone who calls in with this problem.

If you need just a quick fix to get things out the door AND you are currently saving your reports and billings in Excel to a folder of your choice - then you can cancel out of the error message and:

  • Reboot your computer
  • Update your software to the current version.  (In either program go to the Help menu --> About --> Login to the Web Service Center)

After installing the current version:

  • In Certified Payroll Solution go to System Setup --> System Preferences --> Settings tab
  • In Construction Application for Payment go to System Setup --> Options

For either program, the last 2 options on the above windows are our "band-aids"

Option 1:  The Delay Extra time before printing documents.  (Allows extra time for Excel and Word so they may not crash) has resolved the issue for some customers.  So try this one first.  You will need to be patient when waiting for Excel to come up.  If this works, you should be all set.  Adding the delay to our software is going to slow down the program.

If Option 1 does not work:

Option 2:  Check Do no tuse Office Print or Preview, only save reports (Makes sure Excel & Word do not crash during print).  BUT, you must have a "Saved Reports Folder", make sure you have this now by looking at the main menu - do you see a View --> Saved Reports option?  If so you are already saving your reports to Excel.  If you do  not have a View --> Saved Reports option you need to set the programs up to save the reports to Excel - links to videos are below:

Now rerun your reports and click Print with the copies set to 1 for each report  you want saved..

Finally, from the main menu, choose View--> Saved Reports and your reports/billings will be in this folder.


From our research on this issue, the following is really the way to resolve this and this method has been confirmed by numerous people:

  • Turn off all printers, faxes, scanners.
  • Unistall/Remove them from Devices and Printers (Start Button --> Devices and Printers OR Control Panel --> Devices and Printers)
  • Shut your computer off.
  • Turn on your printers, faxes, scanners.
  • Start your computer and Windows will reinstall all the drivers.  If you have a coice between PCL & PS print drivers, choose PS (PostScript)
  • You MAY need to reboot your computer a 2nd time to finalize the installation of the print drivers.
  • Go into CPS or CAPS and uncheck the options previously checked in the "quick fix".

 If you are not comfortable with uninstalling your print drivers you will need to contact your IT person as this is not a service that we can provide at this point as we continue to deal with this issue.