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When creating a new payroll item, can I be assured that it will be linked correctly to QuickBooks?

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There are two ways to create additional payroll wage items in Wage Manager Solution.

  • When you are creating payroll wage items - using the New button, there is a drop down Account Selection box which allows YOU to select which account on your Chart of Accounts the Payroll item is linked to.  Because you have full control of this selection, you are assured that the payroll item will be linked correctly.
  • The second option for creating payroll wage items allows you to select an existing payroll item from QuickBooks and clicking on the Copy button, this copies the existing structure of the payroll item {including the account that it is linked to on your Chart of Accounts} give it a new name, rate of pay, etc. and when you "save" the item it automatically adds it to the employees who had the original item in their payroll and compensation info section of the QuickBooks employee record.