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How long has Sunburst been providing QuickBooks integration?

Last Updated: 08 February 2013
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How long has Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. been providing QuickBooks integration?  How long have you been in business?  How long has Certified Payroll Solution been available to QuickBooks users?

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. has been in business and creating QuickBooks integrated applications since August 2000; long before developing QuickBooks add-ons became the "in thing" to do.

Certified Payroll Solution was made available to QuickBooks users in March 2001, after it had been used in house for 5 months to generate certified payroll reports on a weekly basis using current payroll data.

Intuit did not provide an approved method of data extraction until the later half of 2001.  This was when they first launched the Intuit Developer Network and provided a Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers such as ourselves. The SDK was only compatible with QuickBooks 2002 and future releases.  Sunburst joined the Intuit Developer Network in 2001 as a Premier Level Developer.

Read-only access to payroll data was not available in the Intuit SDK until 2003, at which time Certified Payroll Solution was entirely rewritten using the SDK; between 2000 and 2003 another method of data extraction was used to create the program.

In 2006, Intuit updated the standards for developing QuickBooks integrated applications and launched the Gold and Silver Developer programs. At that time, Sunburst became one of the first thirteen developers to achieve Gold Developer status.

In order to achieve Gold Developer Status, our software was submitted for a QuickBooks Technical Review and tested by an independent third party and consists of over 30 test cases designed to verify the quality of the 3rd party application for:

  • Install/Uninstall processes
  • Basic functionality
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Security
  • Error handling

In addition to meeting testing requirements, we were required to do a web-based customer satisfaction survey; sponsored by Intuit and conducted by another independent 3rd party.  The survey consisted of 32 questions about Certified Payroll Solution's functionality, ease of use, technical support, and overall user experience.  When the survey was complete, Certified Payroll Solution received an overall score of 9.06 out of 10.  This score was one of the highest scores and according to Shannon Atkins, Senior Manager, Developer Engagement & Customer Marketing of the Intuit Developer Network, the "results of Sunburst's customer satisfaction survey were higher than that of Harley-Davidson or Ford Motor Company."